Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying a Scooter for Your Child

Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying a Scooter for Your Child

Scooters have been around for more than 20 years, replacing roller blades and shoe skates in the market. Even if kick scooters have been around for many years, their forms and styles have been changing year by year. Today’s models are usually made of plastic or aluminum and are already portable. Since kids scooters Australia has are great for playtime, have you already decided which scooter is good for your child?


Kids Scooters Australia
Kids Scooters Australia


Here are questions you need to ask yourself before buying them a scooter:

1.Is my child ready to ride a scooter?

Children of different age have different motor skills, the bigger the age, the greater the skill. Basically, any child who can run or walk straight can already ride and play a scooter. If your child is above 7 years old and still cannot balance themselves when riding a scooter, then they are still probably behind when it comes to the development of their motor skills. The kids scooters Australia has will help your child develop their motor skills when practiced every day.

2.Two-wheel or Three-wheel scooter?

The most common type of scooter is the two-wheel scooter where there is one wheel in the front and another wheel in the rear end. Children from 7-12 years old who already know how to balance themselves can already use a two-wheel scooter. However, children who still do not know how to balance or control the handles properly may need to use the three-wheel scooter. The kids scooters in Australia vary from different shapes or size that you can choose from.

3.Is it easy to store or transport?

Before buying one of the best kids scooters Australia has to offer, you might want to ask yourself if you prefer having a scooter that can easily be stored or transported. You will have days where you just want to go for a run in the park and bring your child with you, so you need to store it inside your car.

4.Are there any safety features?

Choose a scooter that has safety features to ensure that your child is safe at all times. There are scooters that are safe to ride because they usually have brakes for the rear. Make sure that the scooter has a grip tape that is made of good quality so your child won’t slip on wet grounds. Australia kids scooters have safety accessories that you can buy at any bike store. You can ask around whether they have knee and elbow pads and a helmet to protect their head.

5.Should I buy a small kick scooter or a large one?

Sooner or later, your child will outgrow playing with a scooter now that technology is booming. But nothing will ever take place the fun memories that they had with their scooter. So your last buying question will be, “Should I buy a small kick scooter or a large one?” It will largely depend on how your child is built and how they tall they are. If they are still 5 years old then you might need to buy a small one but if they are 7 and already knows how to balance themselves, then you might need a large one so that it will grow with them through the years.

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